Friday, December 28, 2012

Merry Christmas 2012, Steak and Eggs style

He touched me..."Immaculate Conception". Once again, Yoko Hambone makes a guest appearance.

Friday, August 17, 2012

The Carbehindas (1993)

For the first time ever, The Carbehindas full length release, "Hi", from 1993. Unlike your typical ish band of the time, this album was not recorded in one night over a few hours. I remember spending an entire summer as Jason Cutler's house, writing and playing these songs with him and Nathan Mercer, while Jason's mom was either napping or at work. Jason really wanted to play the drums, but he lived in an apartment and also, I doubt his single mother could afford them. He improvised with a beating a snare drum, pots and pans, and a soft sided cooler used a bass drum. They sound great on the recording. Some of these songs ended up a few ish compilations, but the rest have never been heard, not even by the people who recorded it.

About the name. A few of us took a trip to Washington DC. We took 2 cars because of the amount of people that went. We got separated in traffic and the 2nd car was "the car behind the car behind us".

The Carbehindas:
Nathan Mercer - guitar and vocals
Joel Lindelof - guitar and vocals
Jason Cutler - percussion, guitar, and vocals


Normal Position




Instant Hit

January Brick

Pollutin For Lucy


Broken Mama

I Don't Believe It

The Big Blue Tip

Poop Is Poopy


Marshmellow Train


Oh, and if anyone knows Nathan Mercer's whereabouts, please let me know.

The Daydream Believers (1994)

I don't think this recording has ever seen the light of day, after being stored in the ish archives since its recording in 1994. What we have here is The Daydream Believers, otherwise known as acoustic Bear. Brian on guitar and vocals, Tony on percussion and vocals, and Joel on vocals and kazoo. I remember where this session was recorded, I just don't remember much else about it, so this is all you get. Regardless, enjoy the soothing cover song sounds of The Daydream Believers.

Friday, August 10, 2012

The Fanta "Lady" trilogy

The Fanta had many songs about "ladies" or "women". These are 3 of them. One is about being in love with a lady that is a mummy. Another is about a lady that lives in the ocean. The last is about being in love with a lady with a bad brain. This resulted in The Fanta being banned from MySpace. This is also the very last song The Fanta every recorded. True story.

Mummy Lady

Ocean Lady

Retarded Lady

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Hangnail - Live at Jollapalooza 92

Jollapalooza came together as an idea to have the local ish bands perform their latest and greatest hits, festival style; in a house. From my recollection it only happened one time, in 1992 for Richard Paulk's 18th birthday. On the bill were Beaver Patrol, The Vatican, The Ocean Lovers, Edison Velvetta, Twatmix, The Butt Ensemble, and Hangnail. Since this event is coming up on its 20th anniversary, I don't remember much about who planned it, how it came together, who was in attendance, etc, but I do know that this recording captures a pretty rare moment in ishtory. Enjoy Hangnail - Brian Campas, Richard Paulk, Tony Brown, Mike Mehigan.

In my Way

I You Love


Where Did You Go

Smells Like Teen Spirit

I Wanna Sit With You on the Sofa

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Star Trap - 4 More Songs

Star Trap's 2nd album sees a departure from their early material, this time featuring vocals by the duo. Still the standard 4 song album length, we get to hear the depth of the band with their acoustic guitars, percussion, and soothing voices. Enjoy 2 of their classics, Joking on Jesus, and True Grunge (Torn Tights).

Joking On Jesus

True Grunge (Torn Tights)

Monday, January 2, 2012

Little Richard and The Pickles

Taken off the ultra rare "ish c-sides" cassette, I offer Little Richard and The Pickles recording of "I Like Dogs". This band, composed of Richard Paulk on vocals, Brian Campas on guitar/vocals, Joel Lindelof on percussion, and Sean Sutphin on harmonica, only recorded this one track in 1992.

FPRP - The Off White EP

FPRP started a joke at a garage party in around 1991. Neale Shaffer had this idea of him and I starting a band on the spot. We did 1 song. Later, FPRP recorded a few more songs and released "The Off White EP" in 1993. This release features Neale on guitar/vocals, and Joel on guitar/vocals/percussion. I chose 3 songs, "Summer of 68", "Way Cheese", and "Snow". "Summer of 68" is our attempt at a love song, while "Way Cheese" is about someone Neale had met that could only say 3 words, "way", "cheese" and the name of some video game. "Snow" is about our hatred of Snow. "Informer" Snow, not the white snow. Well, he's white too, but the white stuff that falls from the sky, snow.

Summer of 68
Way Cheese

The Shutdowns - In The Attic

The Shutdowns were Erik Sugg on guitar/vocals, Andrew Dovi on bass, and Joel Lindelof on drums. After self-releasing an album, they called it quits. A year or so later, the 3 of them got together, along with John Wallace, to record some stuff in Joel's attic. What you hear here is Andrew singing The Shutdowns track, "Breaking My Back", but not before Erik tells him that "it better be tough". After that hilarity ends, we get to hear John croon out The Ramones "I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend". This is not the last time you will get to hear John and Andrew on lead vocal duties. The ish archive runs deep.

Star Trap - Star Trap Theme

Recorded on 1993 at the ish headquarters at their ½ address, this legendary recording is the first of 3 Star Trap releases. Named after the random tape it was recorded on, Star Trap, this duo featured Dave DiDonato on guitar/keyboard, and Joel Lindelof on guitar. Dave holds down the rhythm while Joel has no idea what he is doing on lead which lends to a wonderful mess. I give you the opening track, "Star Trap Theme".

The Gentleman Callers

This one off Gentleman Callers session featured Joel Lindelof on drums, Lucian Cicchitto on guitar and Erik Sugg on bass and vocals. In the summer of 2000, Erik had just come back from touring with The Dragstrip Syndicate and came to visit me in my house in Alexandria, VA. My basement had an assortment of equipment, so we decided to resurrect The Gentleman Callers, something Erik and I had done a few years earlier. We brought back "Sweet FLA", a song about a true story of a group of crazies (FFA?) who wanted to blow up Disney Word on "Gay Day". The other 2 songs I had forgotten were ever recorded, but Erik has this to say about them:

"I think that first tune was called "Baby Bitch," and is a total rip off of "All Night Long" by Thee Hypnotics. I think the second one was called "Leper Love." In one of my English classes at the time I had read a poem or something about a leper living on a colony who was pining for a girl who couldn't come near him due to his leprosy. The first line to the song is "Baby, you know how it goes. You'd love me if I had a nose." HAHAHA!"

Sweet FLA

Baby Bitch

Leper Love