Friday, May 31, 2013

Van Heusen/Tank Top flyer, 1997

Van Heusen and Tank Top flyer from the the Library Tavern, Williamsburg VA, 1997. Van Heusen was a Van Halen cover band that sadly did not do 'Jump'. I was briefly in Tank Top from 1996 til 1997 when I was kicked out for not wanting to tour or dress up. Of note, the guitarist of both bands on this bill went on to play in The Hackensaw Boys. Also of note is Lucian breaking some drunk guys arm after bumping into a very pregnant Susan, who delivered Kira 3 days later.

John Thomas Experience set list from unknown show.

John Thomas Experience set list from unknown show, possibly the time we played ECU.

Twatmix and The Ocean Lovers setlist from Jollapaloza, October 1992

The Shutdowns flyers, circa 1998(?)

The Shutdowns flyers for the short-lived Jewish Mother, in Williamsburg VA. "Williamsburg's loudest trio rocks again".