Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Fanta - United We Stand

United We Stand, recorded in Williamsburg VA in 1999. I found the lyrics to it too. Bonus! Not sure why the ball licking lyric didn't make the cut. Seems like prime Fanta to me.

Baby USA, the lost Southern Vibrations song

Here are some lyrics to a long lost Southern Vibrations song that was recorded, but we just couldn't get the vocals right. Don't know if we were too drunk, it was late, or whatever, but we just couldn't get it right. I hope Erik still has a tape of it for his 4-track, cuz I would love to hear it again. It was us doing our best southern rock Chuck Berry, if I remember correctly. Baby USA.

Bear/Nightcreelers timeline

Apparently, I noted everything Bear was doing at the time. Where we played, when we recorded, and who was playing bass, etc. I didn't know this existed until I was going through ye olde ish lyric notebook I had packed away in the archives. I had forgotten Nathan Mercer played bass with us for 1 show. Wow.

Scrotuculus flyer

Scrotuculus with Fulflej, July 18th 1994 at Chronos Cafe (Twisters), Richmond VA. I love how we were advertised as "Richmond's new rock metal gods". It was the first and the final show, but lives on in cassette tape form which I will have to share later. The back side of the flyer is a note to me from my old roommate that reads, "Phone bill money. Best I can do right now. $13.50. Scott" Funny, cuz the phone bill eventually became a really sore subject. You know the story.