Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas comes but only once per year

As traditions go, it wouldn't be another Christmas without some Steak and Eggs. This year is no exception, as they bring you the story of a slam-dunking, hard-driving 6ft 6 Santa. It was only fitting for this basketball saga to be told in an epic 6 minute song filled with the usual brilliant narrative and consummate musicianship that only Steak and Eggs can bring. Merry Christmas.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Bling Crosby - Christmas

Taken from the 2001 ish records music sampler, "merry ishmas", I bring you the talents of Bling Crosby. Merry ishmas!

Bling Crosby - Christmas

Friday, June 7, 2013

The Nightcreelers with Dave Joyce, 1994

There was a brief period in 1994 where Dave Joyce played bass in The Nightcreelers, due to Tony Brown's high school schedule conflicting with practice, shows, etc. This lineup lasted long enough to record a few songs, though I guess at the rate we were recording back then, that doesn't really mean much. These photos were taken at Dave's parent's house, where we had temporarily relocated to rehearse. These photos are credited to Amy Hill, 4-18-94, "Anything Goes".

Edison Velvetta

There were many Edison Velvetta sessions in 1992, these songs are from the first 2. Day 1 consisted of Brian Campas and Joel Lindelof, who recorded the first 6 songs below. Day 2 added Neal Shaffer And Rick Jenkins to the band, only recording 1 song, 'Alchies in Office'.

It's Raining

Forever You And Me

I Am Man

Glenn Danzig

Goin' Down For The Big One

Now We're Through

Alchies In Office

Friday, May 31, 2013

Van Heusen/Tank Top flyer, 1997

Van Heusen and Tank Top flyer from the the Library Tavern, Williamsburg VA, 1997. Van Heusen was a Van Halen cover band that sadly did not do 'Jump'. I was briefly in Tank Top from 1996 til 1997 when I was kicked out for not wanting to tour or dress up. Of note, the guitarist of both bands on this bill went on to play in The Hackensaw Boys. Also of note is Lucian breaking some drunk guys arm after bumping into a very pregnant Susan, who delivered Kira 3 days later.

John Thomas Experience set list from unknown show.

John Thomas Experience set list from unknown show, possibly the time we played ECU.

Twatmix and The Ocean Lovers setlist from Jollapaloza, October 1992

The Shutdowns flyers, circa 1998(?)

The Shutdowns flyers for the short-lived Jewish Mother, in Williamsburg VA. "Williamsburg's loudest trio rocks again".