Friday, August 17, 2012

The Carbehindas (1993)

For the first time ever, The Carbehindas full length release, "Hi", from 1993. Unlike your typical ish band of the time, this album was not recorded in one night over a few hours. I remember spending an entire summer as Jason Cutler's house, writing and playing these songs with him and Nathan Mercer, while Jason's mom was either napping or at work. Jason really wanted to play the drums, but he lived in an apartment and also, I doubt his single mother could afford them. He improvised with a beating a snare drum, pots and pans, and a soft sided cooler used a bass drum. They sound great on the recording. Some of these songs ended up a few ish compilations, but the rest have never been heard, not even by the people who recorded it.

About the name. A few of us took a trip to Washington DC. We took 2 cars because of the amount of people that went. We got separated in traffic and the 2nd car was "the car behind the car behind us".

The Carbehindas:
Nathan Mercer - guitar and vocals
Joel Lindelof - guitar and vocals
Jason Cutler - percussion, guitar, and vocals


Normal Position




Instant Hit

January Brick

Pollutin For Lucy


Broken Mama

I Don't Believe It

The Big Blue Tip

Poop Is Poopy


Marshmellow Train


Oh, and if anyone knows Nathan Mercer's whereabouts, please let me know.

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