Friday, May 29, 2009

The Nightcreelers 4 track (1994)

Recorded sometime around 1994 (I think) on a 4-track in Brian Campas' living room, this was a brief period of The Nightcreelers without a bass player. I am not sure if this was after Tony Brown in between Dave Joyce, or after Dave and in between Tony returning. Regardless, it is Joel Lindelof in Drums and Brian Campas on guitar and bass. "Holly Portal" was Brian's knock on the Jolly Mortals, but sounding nothing like them. "Firebell" was obviously an homage to the firebell I had mounted on my bass drum, though there is no firebell anywhere in the track."Let It Ride" was one of the first songs ever we ever wrote as Ladybug, then Bear, and then passed on to The Nightcreelers. You can hear Amy singing backup on the last chorus. "Telescope Man" was our attempt at writing a trashy surf rocker. Apparently we were listening to a lot of surf music and trash rock at the time and Brian must have just recently got the tremelo/pan pedal as it's everywhere on these recordings.

Let It Ride

Holly Portal

Telescope Man


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