Saturday, May 30, 2009

Southern Vibrations part 1 (1999)

Around 1996, a bunch of us were sitting at Taco Bell in Williamsburg VA and Mike Chapman told us his genius idea of creating a southern rock band called Southern Vibrations. It was a funny joke, and none of us even listened to southern rock at the time, so the idea sort of went by the wayside like many other bands that could have been. In 1999, while Mike was on a break from school, the Southern Vibration's idea came to fruition. Another one-off ish band, but this one was gonna be real songs with real song writing, still mostly recorded in one take. It was Mike on bass, Erik Sugg on guitar and Joel Lindelof on drums. These were the most challenging ish songs to date, with actual song structure, multitracking, and lyrics but that's not to say the humor wasn't there. The sound a of a beer cracking open on "Loose Legged Woman" sets the tone for the rest of the session. By the time "Southern Man" was ready to record, it was late and we were drunk and you can hear Mike falling asleep at the bass, barely plucking away at the strings. That is easily my favorite part of this session. Mike was so tired, he went home, leaving Erik and I to finish the vocals on "Southern Man" to ourselves. Our faithful 4th member, John Wallace, was there to share ideas and cheer us on throughout the night. I had always hoped there would be another Southern Vibrations session, and eventually there was, but that will have to wait until another time.

Loose Legged Woman

 Flyin' High
I'm A Southern Man


  1. "Don't let me see you crossing that line. Keep your thirteen fucking stars".... Man oh man, haha.

  2. Man, Its been a while since I heard these. I do remember the beer getting the better of me toward the end of those sessions.