Friday, July 17, 2009

Bear (part 1)

Here are some Bear recordings from Brian Campas' living room, straight to boom box. This is part 1 of I dont know how many more, and I have a lot. I am unsure of the date, but I am thinking around 1993. I know Tony was still in high school and would sometimes skip school to come to band practice. The 'Merry Christmas' track came about after failing to learn 'We Three Kings' for a Christmas compilation we were asked to provide a song for called "Food, Not Bombs" on Whirled Records. 'Energizer Boy' was originally a "John Thomas Experience" song, which all three Bear members had recoreded with them. 'Wanted Her' was our version of the song originally done by the legendary ish band, "The Ocean Lovers". More on them later. Until then...

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