Monday, January 2, 2012

FPRP - The Off White EP

FPRP started a joke at a garage party in around 1991. Neale Shaffer had this idea of him and I starting a band on the spot. We did 1 song. Later, FPRP recorded a few more songs and released "The Off White EP" in 1993. This release features Neale on guitar/vocals, and Joel on guitar/vocals/percussion. I chose 3 songs, "Summer of 68", "Way Cheese", and "Snow". "Summer of 68" is our attempt at a love song, while "Way Cheese" is about someone Neale had met that could only say 3 words, "way", "cheese" and the name of some video game. "Snow" is about our hatred of Snow. "Informer" Snow, not the white snow. Well, he's white too, but the white stuff that falls from the sky, snow.

Summer of 68
Way Cheese

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