Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Demonics (1994)

The Demonics was an experimental thing I did in 1994. I had a cheap guitar and Nathan Mercer's old stereo. It was one of those GPX stereos that you buy at Ames, with the record player and dual cassette with a mic input. What you could do is play samples of records and record them on a cassette on the cassette recorder. Then you could put the cassette in the "player" side, play it back, and record it plus another mic track on the "record" side of the tape deck. You could do this over and over again, in essence multitracking one track at a time. I have a whole cassette tape of these experiments, but these 3 tracks are my favorite. The first song, "Wise Up" is 2 tracks, guitar and voice. The recorded voice is from an answering machine message that Vince Miller was leaving me when I rented a room form this goth girl we called Rose Scary (real name Rosemary). He was upset that the outgoing message didnt state whose house it was, and he let it be known, "so, wise up". Her roommate/boyfriend picked up the phone at the end of the message and his comment was conveniently recorded also. I threw the tape in the GPX and put guitar over it. Oh, I almost forgot to mention the clip at the beginning. That is a recording of my mom from the early 80s saying to my dad, "take down those goddamn christmas lights, faggot".

"Feeding Ducks" was a song written during the time of the infamous Lorena Bobbit story. I had heard this story about how common it was in some other country for wives do the same (you know, penis trimming) and throwing the remains out the windows of their homes for the local ducks to feed on. Not sure if that is true, but that is the story I heard.

"Thirty Seconds" was just me and a guitar singing into the aforementioned answering machine. I thought I had 30 seconds to record something on to it, but apparently I only had 25.

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