Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Southern Vibrations part 2 (1999)

I am not entirely sure how this came about, but there was a second Southern Vibrations session. I think Mike Chapman was away at school, and the sounds of ye olde Vibrations made their way to Richmond VA where Matt Forest heard them and had to be part of it. I knew Matt as a the drummer of Dragstrip Syndicate, and had no idea he could play bass until he sat and laid down the bass for the "new" Southern Vibrations. There was actually a 5th song recorded, in the vain of Chuck Berry's "Johnny B Goode" that we could never get the vocals right, and hopefully it's still sitting on Erik's 4-track waiting for us to one day actually record the vocals. I don't remember much else about recording this stuff, but I still feel like I cheated on Mike Chapman since this was his idea to begin with.

81 South
Little Billy Ray
Wildfire Soul

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